Challenge Chemicals – Fleet Range



R.I.O. is a blend of acids, emulsifiers, wetters and surfactants formulated to remove tenacious metalliferous deposits from painted surfaces, stainless steel and aluminium.


  • I.O. quickly removes tenacious metalliferous deposits from stainless steel, aluminium and painted surfaces.
  • I.O. is simple and practical to use.
  • I.O. has excellent rinsability providing streak free appearance.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – R.I.O

White Hot


Challenge Chemicals Australia have formulated WHITE HOT to be a concentrated heavy duty remover of mineral salts and red dirt staining. It will brighten and clean all metals and oxidised painted surfaces. Specialised ingredients selected to leave surfaces clean, shiny and protected against further staining.


  • The most effective red dirt remover on the market
  • Strong acidic cleaner
  • Fast, effective, heavy duty cleaner.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – White Hot

Ally Brite


  • ALLY BRITE is a clear acidic liquid formulated for the cleaning and brightening of aluminium and stainless steel surfaces.
  • ALLY BRITE quickly and effectively removes light deposits of oil and grease prior to removing oxide films and corrosion by-products from aluminium and stainless steel surfaces.
  • ALLY BRITE is suitable for cleaning:-
  1. Aluminium containers.
  2. Aluminium boats.
  3. Railway carriages.
  4. Road tankers.
  5. Urinals.
  6. Caravans.
  7. Alloy wheel rims
  8. Alloy roo bars


  • Cleans and brightens stainless steel and aluminium surfaces in the one operation.
  • High viscosity provides even film resulting in streak free appearance.
  • Excellent rinse ability provides streak free appearance.
  • No excessive attack on base metals.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Ally Brite



Predator is a multi purpose cleaner, truck wash and degreaser in one. Predator is water based, biodegradable, pH neutral, non corrosive, non toxic concentrated liquid making it a safe and effective product to use on any hard surface.

Predator is a premium product ideal for use in hard water areas for the removal of grease, grime, oil film, fuel exhaust, soot, bugs and red dirt giving a steak free finish.


  • pH Neutral and  Biodegradable
  • Non Caustic and Non Corrosive
  • Powerful Yet Safe on All Hard Surfaces Including—Plastics,  Perspex, Rubber, Aluminium,  Vinyl, Tarpaulins and Painted Surfaces
  • Effective in Hard Water Areas
  • Removes Red Dirt and Protects From Red Dirt In-Between Harsh Acid Washes
  • Super Concentrated for An Economical Wash
  • Safe to Use in Any Environment.
  • Streak Free Formula.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Predator

Wash ‘n’ Wax


WASH AND WAX is a concentrated low foaming detergent with good cleaning power combined with a blend of wax finishes which protect and beautify surfaces.

Whilst the detergent removes road grime and motoring soilage, a residue of wax (which protects surfaces from oxidisation and dirt build up) enhances the gloss of the surface.

After the first treatment of WASH AND WAX, road grime builds up on the wax film and this makes dirt removal easier when next washing.

The wax coating will not build up on the surface as the wax film is removed when washed. On rewashing with WASH AND WAX a new coating of wax is formed to protect the surface.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Wash ‘n’ Wax