Peerless Jal is an Australian owned specialty company, manufacturing a range of floor maintenance, adhesive and coating products.

Lazer Super

Lazer Super is a heavy-duty floor stripper formulated to remove heavily burnished or high build-ups of metal crosslinked sealer finishes with minimum labour. Lazer Super is safe for use on all resilient floors and quickly softens and emulsifies old worn and discoloured finishes for ease of removal. Lazer Super must not be used to remove sealer finishes from sealed timber floors as it may affect the timber seal, requiring sanding to rectify the floor. Lazer Super is 100% volatile and therefore does not leave chemicals on the floor that could affect seals or finishes that are to be applied after stripping.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Lazer Super

Activ Shift

Activ Shift is a highly alkaline LOW FOAM cleaner degreaser formulated from our patented POSITIVE EMULSION TECHNOLOGY for heavy duty degreasing and cleaning in industrial sites. Activ Shift is extremely efficient in the cleaning of oils and grease from concrete floors and ferrous metals, through automatic equipment. E.g. steam cleaners, pressure washers or manual cleaning and is biodegradable.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Activ Shift

Activ 800

From the original, patented non-butyl technology comes another first in industrial cleaning efficiency. Activ 800 spontaneous emulsifier has been extensively field-tested in heavy duty industrial locations and found to be superior in cleaning efficiency against all competition. It cleans by spontaneous emulsion – reduces the resistance of oily and greasy soil to mix with water. Built with extra alkaline punch and contains special electrolytes to enhance the action of the surfactant. Activ 800 has been designed especially for use with all kinds of mechanical cleaning devices. USDA has granted is unrestricted approval for use on all surfaces in all departments of federally inspected establishments.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Activ 800

Rip Off

Rip Off is a concentrated cleaner and degreaser for the effective removal of heavy grease and soil in workshops, kitchen and food areas. Rip Off is a highly successful in the cleaning of canopies, filters, exhaust fans, stainless steel fittings, quarry tiles and terrazzo floors.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Rip Off

Trio 3 in 1

Trio has been designed as a single solution to all cleaning and maintenance needs for floors. At varying dilutions Trio works as a daily cleaner, stripper and deep scrub product. Floor professionals can now carry Trio, the one product for all maintenance requirements. Trio is also safe on timber floors and can be used to remove existing acrylic polish or be used as a preparation product before applying timber finishes.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Trio Cleaner


GEMINI is a State-of-the-Art floor sealer finish providing the perfect blend of durability and hardness for traffic mark resistance and appearance. Ideal for use on all resilient flooring and on timber flooring.
GEMINI will provide a long lasting finish at high appearance levels when maintained with Peerless JAL conventional or high speed burnishing systems, products and equipment.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Gemini


Elegance Floor Sealer Finish utilizes the advances in acrylic coating technology to produce a floor finish that provides exceptional wear resistance with a pleasing wet look appearance. It provides safety underfoot, good black heel mark resistance, exhibits instant burnish response and is designed for large high traffic areas requiring a consistent high gloss appearance, the mode of maintenance is auto scrubbing and Ultra High Speed burnishing. Elegance also contains a unique preservative system that aids in the prevention of bacterial growth, when floors are properly maintained.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Elegance


Aquaseal is an all resin, emulsified water based, polyacrylic sealer. It is the recommended sealer undercoat for use on vinyl, linoleum, rubber and terrazzo as a prerequisite for a good floor treatment schedule. Aquaseal offers good filling properties to porous floors and provides an even surface to which polishes and finishes can be applied.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Aquaseal

Sleek 50

Sleek 50 is formulated from a blend of surfactants and cleaning additives and fully formulated polymer resins designed to efficiently remove dirt whilst depositing a small amount of protective film to the floor surface. Maintenance of floor sealer finishes with Sleek 50 holds appearance and prolongs the need for replacing polish in most areas. Sleek 50 cleans and dries to a pleasing luster, exhibits excellent scuff and black heel mark resistance and is easily buffed to a good gloss level. Sleek 50 is low foaming, and well suited for use either through automatic scrubbing machines or with manual wet cleaning operations.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Sleek 50


Strobe Concentrated Floor Maintainer is specifically formulated for the maintenance of all commercial and domestic resilient and hard surface flooring. It incorporates a patented Surfactant system, which emulsifies greasy and oily soils and holds them in suspension for east of removal without redeposition, resulting in cleaner floors with less cleaning effort. Strobe Concentrated Floor Maintainer is low foam, rinse free, and highly concentrated for economical use with either Auto Scrubbers of manual cleaning methods. Does not contain any chemicals or solvents likely to have a detrimental effect on floor seals or polishes, or any surface not affected by water.

Safety Data Sheet – SDS – Strobe